My name is Nika Karan, but I’m known on the internet as The Slim Yogi.

I was born in Poland, but decided to go out and see the world in my early twenties. My nomadic lifestyle led to me having more jobs in a few years than most people have in their lifetimes.

I’m not yet 30 and already I’ve been a student activist, a finance specialist, an event manager, a farmhand driving tractors, a lifeguard, and most recently an internet marketing specialist building online businesses.

It’s always been about the experience for me. I love learning new things, meeting new people, traveling and being in new places.

That kind of lifestyle, as you can imagine, can get quite challenging at times. The socializing, the stress, the food, the drinks, everything eventually takes its toll on your body and mind.

I wasn’t happy with my unsightly bulges. I was tired. I lacked energy. I needed a solution – and that’s what led me to Yoga.

The search for a healthier body and a happier mind.

I started out the way most people do – at a gym Yoga class. It was a good experience, no doubt, but it left me wanting more. Where were the advanced flows, the breathing techniques, the experienced teachers that would take my results to the next level?

My search for the true power of Yoga led me to a remote ashram in India, known as the ‘Yoga Vidya Gurukul’ – a Yoga University in Nasik.

I spent a month living in this holy place learning various forms of Yoga, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Karma, and Swara Yoga from great Yoga masters. I was also taught 5,000 year old techniques for health and vitality, including Pranayama breathing techniques and Shatkarma cleansing techniques.

Being there was one of those experiences that sticks with you for life. I was allowed to leave the ashram for only a few hours a week, and was restricted to vegetarian food (no coffee, tea, sweets or spices).

It was from here that I’d wake up at 5am every morning, and shower with a bucket of cold water. I’d then begin my day with a schedule that included chanting, meditation, Yoga practice and intense theory lectures.

This highly disciplined lifestyle went on for 1 month, which earned me my Diploma in Yoga Education.

By the time I returned to civilization, I had all the answers I was looking for.

Discovering Yoga in its purest form left me
more happy, healthy and at peace than I’d ever been in my entire life.

I lost nearly 7 pounds in 1 month.

I felt more relaxed and positive. I stopped getting angry.

And my eating habits changed – I no longer craved unhealthy food. And when before I couldn’t even touch the floor with straight legs, I was now able to do advanced Yoga poses like this:

It was at this point that a realization dawned on me:

I couldn’t keep this incredible wisdom to myself.

I’ve seen it in myself, and I’ve seen it in the people around me – most of us are lost when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy. You get stuck in the diet fad trap. You take on crazy dietary and exercise routines that just don’t work in the long run. You swallow pills, you toil and suffer, and sure, you may lose a little bit of weight…

But without fail, you end up putting it all back on as you realize all these so-called weight loss solutions are not just unsustainable – they’re damaging to you mind and body. Back to square one you go.

So what you need is a a healthy, effective and permanent solution to weight loss – and that’s what YOGA can give you.

I’ve set up this website to spread the word on Yoga. My mission is to let the whole world know that Yoga’s not just for bearded men in caves…

Because with the right guidance, even the busiest, most stressed out city dweller can get amazing results.

Yes, you CAN get your dream body with Yoga. I should know, I’ve done it, my students have done it – and I’m going to show you how :)

Love & Light,

Nika Karan

The Slim Yogi