There Is NOTHING You Cannot Do! Yoga at 92 Years Young :)

Ever stared at your wrinkles in the mirror and thought “ugh, I’m getting old”?

Ever woken up in the morning feeling drained, wishing you were still as energetic as a 16 year old?

Ever used your age as an excuse for not trying something new, or giving up on one of your dreams?

I have.

But when I saw this extraordinary lady, I realized something:

I was fooling myself…

At 92 years old, a supergran Tao Porchon-Lynch is STILL doing peacocks, headstands and stretches that would make a 16 year old blush.

Watch the video below in which then 87-year-old Tao shares her thoughts on yoga, & happy life.

Tao’s mantra is “THERE IS NOTHING YOU CANNOT DO” and I want you to take this as an inspiration…

There is nothing holding you back from your dream body but YOURSELF.

To A Slimmer & Healthier You,


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